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Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes is an American rapper producer and actor. He started off by being well known for his outfits and style but later became known for his unique rapping style. He has had ten solo albums spanning from 1996 to the present day.

The Coming

The Coming was released (mixed and mastered) in March 1996 under the Flipmode and Elektra label. It reached number one in the US R&B charts and number 6 in the regular charts also getting a top ten place in Canada, a top fifty place in the UK and a top 100 place in Germany. It went platinum selling 797,000 copies in the US alone.

When Disaster Strikes...

This was released in September 1997 under the Flipmode and Elektra label. This album also reached platinum status selling 1,677,000 copies in the US and reached number one in the R&B charts and number three in the regular charts in the US. It got to number 21 in Canada, 34 in the UK and 62 in Germany.

E. L. E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front

This first E. L. E. album was release in December 1998. It reached number two in the US R&B charts and number 12 in the regular charts. It also reached number 34 in Canada, 45 in Germany and 54 in the UK. It reached platinum statis and sold 1,648,000 copies in the US.


Anarchy was released in June 2000 and reached number 1 in the US R&B charts and number 4 in the regular US charts. It also got to number 26 in Canada, 38 in the UK, 50 in New Zealand, 54 in France, 63 in Germany and 65 in Switzerland. It reached platinum status selling 684,000 copies in the US.


Genesis sold 1,339,000 copies sin the US reaching platinum status and reaching number two in the R&B charts and number seven in the regular charts in the US having been released in November 2001. It was also popular abroad reaching number 27 in Germany, number 42 in France, number 44 in Switzerland, number 58 in the UK and number 62 in Australia.

It Ain't Safe No More

This album was released under the Flipmode and J label and reached gold status in the US selling 678,000 copies after being release in November 2002. It got to number ten in the R&B charts there but only reached number 43 in the regular charts. It got to number 50 in France, number 70 in Switzerland, 78 in the UK and 82 in Germany. The album is great with Find them at site.

The Big Bang

The Big Bang was the first album to get to number one in the US both in the R&B and regular charts. It sold 823,000 reaching gold status being release in June 2006. It sold very well in other countries as well reaching number six in Switzerland and Canada, number ten in Germany, 11 in New Zealand, 18 in France, 19 in the UK, 26 in Ireland and 42 in Australia.

Back on My B.S.

This was released in May 2009 and sold just 156,000 copies in the US, significantly less than previous albums. Despite this it still reached number 2 in the R&B charts and five in the regular charts in the US. It also reached number 18 in Canada, 15 in Switzerland, 20 in France, 92 in the UK and 94 in Germany.

Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon was released in August 2012 in a digital format and sales information is not available for it. It was the first album to be solely released in digital format with all others being available on CD, DVD, LP and even vinyl and cassette for the older ones.

E. L. E. 2 (Extinction Level Event 2)

This album has just been realised in July 2014. It again will solely be available in digital form.